I post about Harry. My every waking moment is Harry.
I'm from the states. My sister is my best friend. And Jamie is my lover.
I'm a tad bit bisexual
Did I mention I'm in love with Harry?

Larry Stylinson <3
Charmed (rewatch)
Haven (new season)
Finding Carter

Listening To
Fireproof (on repeat)
I Wanna Get Better

In the middle of a move.
I'll be off an on for a couple of weeks.
Never regret anything, for once in your lifetime, it was exactly what you wanted to do.

Do not pity the dead, pity the living, but above all pity those who live without love.

I fell in love with him the way you fall asleep; slowly, then all at once.

All was well.
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Anonymous said : I continue to kiss your neck, lightly nibbling on your skin 

"We will have to leave if you don’t quit…" I murmur.

Anonymous said : "Mhmmm," I hum and kiss your neck, lightly sucking your sweet spot 

"Baby," I let out a small moan. "You’re teasing me again and I don’t like it." I pout and move my head to the side for you to have better access. Sawyer still sleeping in his stroller.

Anonymous said : "Because they like simple, and I don't know what 'simple' is to them." I mumble and follow you into a store 

"Because you like to spoil me and buy me the nicest of things." I smile and push Sawyers stroller through the store looking

3 hours ago
Anonymous said : "Oh man, than this is going to be hard." I mumble playfully 

"Hey! I’m easy to shop for," I hit your arm playfully. "I never know what to get for your mom or sister, though. That’s hard!"

Anonymous said : "Then you can get her that and can you help me pick something out for her? You know what she likes and doesn't like." 

"Of course, you can’t really go wrong. She’s just like me," I grin as we walk into a clothing shop.

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Anonymous said : but... what happens if louis goes to marry eleanor and harry settles down with a girl. is that it? will larry turned out to be a figment of our imagination, or will it turn out that it was true but not serious? just asking because the chance of them coming out isn't big, right? 


" if louis goes to marry eleanor"

"harry settles down with a girl. is that it?"

will larry turned out to be a figment of our imagination”





#the best thing about this gif is how time literally stops when they look at each other




"or will it turn out that it was true but not serious?”





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